Thani Oruvan (aka) Thanioruvan Review


After a long gap of four years, director Raja is back with a movie ‘Thani Oruvan’ starring his own brother Jeyam Ravi with whom he has given 4 brilliant hits! The film has the ever gorgeous actress Nayanthara to paint it with more colors. Arvind Swamy adds a tinge of interest with his facet as a villain. On seeing the trailer, it was observed that the film has many things to entertain the audience with.

Read on to know the review on the film:

The movie runs through the thread that one can get to know about a person by knowing his friend! The director claims this to be an all new concept. Jayam Ravi plays the role of Mithran and has got a group of friends who all are IPS officers in their probation period. They embark upon a secretive journey at night to trace all the crimes that take place.

Mithran however has his own secret mission. With this, he figures out the starting point of all the small crimes happening in the city and targets to destroy the same.

During his hunt, he discovers Siddharth Abhimanyu which is Aravind Swamy’s character. He is an award winning scientist. He is the mastermind of a huge conspiracy that is performed in the pharmaceutical industry. The rest of the story is about the deals between Siddharth and Mithran.

The film is written by Subha and Raja. The two worked on the script for months which is clearly evident from the brilliant outcome of each and every scene. There are cute love scenes between the lead pair. This film is romantic, thrilling and heart touching as well.

If you truly love the film, this is a must watch for you!