Vaalu Movie Review


After such a huge delay, ‘Vaalu’ has hit the screens today. With Simbu, Hansika and Santhanam playing the main roles, there is no wonder about the commercial aspect of the movie. This film is undoubtedly about the hero, his beautiful lover and sidekick friends.

With good dialogues painted all over the film, this Vijay Chander movie is definitely watchable. The comedy tracks shared between Simbu and Santhanam have worked well on screen. VTV Ganesh as Kutti Payya is good too!

The change in looks of the actors in the movie in this movie and in reality has got quite changed, as obvious. Simbu is dynamic in each of the scene with good screen presence and youthful energy.

Naren is comfortable playing as Simbu’s father. There are some father-son sentimental moments too. Aditya from Kannada industry has taken a solid role in the film with the ruthless nature of the character.

The rap scores of such films will uplift the buildup scenes of the movie and ‘Vaalu’ has done it very impressive. The film also has bits of popular films’ scores including that of Mannan that is played in Simbu – Santhanam comedy scenes.

The film is on the whole a watchable Simbu film with sprinkles of comedy by Santhanam.