Malini 22 Palayamkottai Movie Review


Mailini-22-PalayamkottaiMailini 22 Palayamkottai will be a high sensational movie which was actually a remake of Malayalam 22 Female Kottayam which was directed by the strong actress Sri Priya who begins her direction part after a long gap. The music was by Aravind- Shankar.

The movie has three main characters like Malini, Varun and Prakash. The movie as a feminist touch in it may be the director strong impact on the feminism. It is the real challenge of a director to choose such subject and to make in a big screen, in that way Sri Priya should be saluted.

The heroine that is Malini by Nithya Menon was a nurse and she had a dream to attain a big position in her life and to settle in abroad. One day she met Varun the role is played by Krish who is a visa consultant. Slowly, the relationship moves forward and they fall in love with each other. Varun has a friend called partner named Prakash who had a crazy love for Malini. Malini and Varun had a wonderful day in his apartment and them though that would be the rest of the life. She was brutally raped and was jailed for a crime and the crime was made by Varun and Prakash. The life of a woman in a jail is portrayed in such a way that brings tears on everyone eyes.

The story does not end there, Malini decide to take a revenge on them and she killed both of them in the climax. This type of story was not welcome among men because they will not accept such factor in the life. To justify this there is a lengthily dialogue by the heroine to the audience regarding her hunting. The pain of love, the physical pain after being rapped and the mental torture in jail all together brought in a brutal nature and finally the death of those who been the reason for all that brings peace in her but actually the struggle will ruin in her till her death is the brief story of Malini 22 Palaymkottai.

The film has the strong role played by Nithya Menon, till now in Tamil industry everyone know her as a charm, bubbly and romantic heroine but this film brings her a different dimension. It is true that the choice of Nithya Menon is the right choice of Sri Priya. Her acting before crime and after crime is established very well through her acting. The turn of from Sufferer to invader was the highlighted part on the movie.