Abhishek Bachchan: work in progress, forever


abhishek-bachchanIt is warm, isn’t it?” asks the man, whose ability to turn on the cooling in any room is common Bollywood trivia. He switches on the air-conditioner as if compensating for the detail that he is not in the uniform that provided him that epithet. The night stubble is missing. So is his blazer and the Aviator crystal. In an airy, dark tracksuit and white trainers, Abhishek Bachchan looks as though he is back from a jog, though he has just completed a long meeting with a producer.

lately, the actor, whose 13-year career has seesawed between lows and highs, has been having a thriving run. Bol Bachchan directed by Rohit Shetty, renowned for low-brow movies that become guaranteed hits, garnered Rs 100 crore and the newest installment of the Dhoom franchise, in which he performances cop Jai Dixit, smashed records to earn about Rs 280 crore in three weeks.