Jackpot Hindi Movie Review


jackpot Movie PosterThe new release ‘Jackpot’ is highly expected movie from very contentious director Kaizad Gustad and acted by hot and sexy heroine Sunny Leone (Maya) who here and there bring Katrina Kaif’s remembrance and the hero was Sachin Joshi(Francis) . The film can be termed as fast thriller which took place in a Casino located at Goa runned by Naseeruddin Shah who is casted as Boss in the film.

Maya and Francis is con artist in the film and they decided to play  game to get a jackpot of 250 crores in Boss Casino. They planned many tricky events to make it success which does not reach the audience clearly. Even though the movie is termed as thriller but still the essence of thrill lacks in the movie may be in director’s contribution and also the appearance of Naseeruddin in the movie really disappoints the viewers. Maya in this film was highly used for the sex appeal towards Naseeruddin in order make their plan success.

Sachin Joshi who played the role of Francis failed to express his heroism in the film. He does not show any new of his talent, no expressions or emotion involved by him to the movie. He is just seen as a property in the movie. The drawback in him is his voice and the way he acted in the movie resembles his day today activity. Sunny Leone has showed much improvement in this movie compared to her previous release. The hot sexy appearance of her is the only interesting part in the movie.

Apart from the cast, the music adds some flavor to the movie but not fully. Music by harib and Toshi and the presence of Naseeruddin Shah and some way the heroine Sunny Leone are the reasons for the movie to gain at least a decent appreciation. Does they got the jackpot and how do they reach it s the climax of the movie.

Verdict: Jackpot is not a full length entertainment can be watched those who need to pass their time.